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Rockgarden Recording Studio: About

Dean Bohana - Producer/Engineer/Keyboardist

Where artists once needed to find, audition, rehearse and tolerate less-than-talented bandmates to record their music projects, they can now focus on getting things done and having their dreams realized with one experienced, uniquely-skilled engineer/producer/keyboardist who can play every instrument, synth patch, drum and percussion part, absolute perfection.

Whether you've got these parts already mapped out to the letter or need the input of a musically savvy, smokin' chops creative instrumentalist, all your musical needs are met with attention to detail and a positive, friendly approach yielding world class, highly musical and groove oriented results.

As Producer/Engineer

Your song ideas will be escalated to the ultimate level providing you with a musically fleshed out, professionally mixed & mastered CD / WAV / MP3 of your project. Ready for retail packaging, online submissions, your professional video productions or for posting on Facebook, ReverbNation, Soundcloud or any media site, your final product's sound will compete with the best sounding recordings around!

As a Composer/Arranger

 Dean Bohana has had International success as a songwriter (his song “Unconditionally” was a hit on the Finnish charts in 2008, sung by Finnish Idol finalist Panu Larnos). Dean’s melodies and arrangements are unique yet accessible, sometimes paying homage to great genres of music’s past but also posessing a keen sense of today’s musical sensibilities.

As A Musical Guru

 To find the genuine article is not easy. Dean has enhanced the overall musical (and technical) landscape for his clients through constant communication about/during the process...he is happy to share and wants you involved. He has a wealth of information proving invaluable during a project.


What Dean Does:

• MultiTrack Recording, Mixing, Editing & Mastering • Song Development • Writing, arranging, creating individual instrument parts.

You'll be provided the expert musicianship of a multi-piece band of precision players with awesome chops, all played to perfection by your producer/engineer, Dean Bohana.

• Mastering

Matching the overall EQ, volume and depth of single or multiple works and even assist in song order placement to achieve a unique listening experience for your CD's audience. This will give your work the final polish needed for broadcast and commercial release.

• Complete Editing and Song "Re-Arrangement". With a combination of "smokin'"musician's chops and years of technical savvy, there's nothing we cannot achieve....Dream it = Hear it!

• Backing Tracks/Karaoke/Sound-alike Production

Note for note reproductions of famous (or not so famous) songs from the Billboard charts or your private record collection. Rock, Soul, Pop, R&B, Metal. The BEST KARAOKE (with integrity) you've EVER Heard!!!! We can do it exact to the letter (er...note) or take decide! For Television, Film, or your own private project, this is as good as it gets!

• Session Keys In a Pinch!

 Need some augmentation to your already recorded project? Dean can fill in the missing parts with original catchy melodies, play realistic sounding drums, bass, synth, name it! We can also work over the internet just as easy as working in person!