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Rockgarden Recording Studio: Online Production

Online Music Production

Musicians can send in their WAV, MP3 or AIFF file song ideas, sketches, home recordings or anything that needs expert audio production values. Lyricists and poets can send in their original works and have a unique, one-of-a-kind song composed to match the lyrics, complete with melody, arrangement and performances.

Services include:

Custom Studio Tracks • Mixing • Composing • Arranging • Vocal Tuning/Harmony Generation/Arranging • Drum Programming • Full Music Production • Mastering.

You can upload your song sketches and audio files 

Send in The song ideas you've worked on in your home studio setup that are ready to take flight. Whether you've laid down your musical blueprint in GarageBand, Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, an all-in-one recording device or any DAW, you can send Dean what you have so far.  I'll add the needed instruments and performances and deliver a mix and master that rocks your socks off. If you're not quite sure just how you want things to go, I will offer my expert opinion and guidance as we work with an open dialog.I'm not satisfied until you're satisfied!

Need Drums? Bass? Piano? Clarinet?

I'll provide a perfect drum or instrument track, tailored to your song's needs. Sometimes loops, but most often a genuine, unique live-performance by hand. Whether it's Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country or R&B. Modern drum kits, Vintage kits, electronic kits as well as multiple percussion parts are played with human feel and precision as the all-important groove holds the music together. Other musical instruments are here too; all played with true musical heart and soul as performed by a world-class musician on a keyboard driving first rate samples.

Online Mastering 

Send me your weak, your poor, your tired sounding mixes and I'll do a professional digital Master, readying your music for TV or Radio Broadcast as well as retail CD replication. This will really bring your songs to life as they seemingly "jump out" of the speakers. Things can also be tamed and smoothed to gentle precision dependent on the genre and your personal taste.

Expert Musical Advice and Direction

Read more about me throughout the Rockgarden Website and please feel free to drop me an email or phone call any time. Music creation and audio production is my lifelong passion and it's continuously fueled by you the Artist!