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Rockgarden Recording Studio: Mastering

Get the sound that competes with the big-expensive-mastering houses but at a fraction of the cost. Rockgarden Studio feels it's every musician's right to be able to have top-quality digital mastering for their musical and narrative work. Rockgarden Studio is offering affordable, digital mastering for the masses! Click on the Music Samples page on this site to hear this mastering process in action. 

Simply send in your 24-bit/44, 48 or 96K audio file and in less than 48-hours turnaround time you'll get back a fully-mastered file of your song ready for retail, online submissions or use in your professional video presentations. 

Super-fast express mastering with a guaranteed 24-hour or less turnaround is also available for an additional fee. 

Ask for a free sample and hear the difference Rockgarden's Mastering can make. We'll be happy to send you some before and after examples to check out.

Rockgarden Offers Quality Mastering for those on a limited Budget! - Mastering (Jul 16, 2012)